About Angelina (Studio Owner/Instructor)

Angelina Kidd is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in Reformer and Mat (essential to advance), a MERRITHEW™ Total Barre™, CORE™ and ZEN-GA™ Mat & Equipment Qualified Instructor, trained in Merrithew™ Fascial Movement, an ACE® Certified Personal Trainer, Revo₂lution Running™ Certified, BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Specialty Certified, Walk 15® Instructor, STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning Specialist and holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Pilates & Mindful Movement Education with MERRITHEW™. Complete list of education, including STOTT PILATES Continuing Education Credit (CEC) classes and workshops are not included in this list. Each year, I earn more than double the required CEC credits to keep all certifications current and to learn the latest information in the industry. The following list is only the foundation of my training and does not represent the entirety of my education. 



• 2012 Intensive Stability Chair™

• 2012 Stability Barre Training Level 1 & 2

• 2012 Core Stability Barre Training with Reformer and Cardio-Tramp

• 2011 Injuries & Special Populations

• 2011 Advanced Reformer Repertoire Instructor Training 

• 2011 Intensive Reformer Instructor Training 

• 2010 Advanced Matwork Instructor Training

• 2010 Intensive Mat-Plus Instructor Training 

• 2010 Functional Anatomy


Total Barre™

• 2013 Total Barre™Instructor Foundation Course  


 Fascial Movement

• 2017 Fascial Movement Foundation Course


CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™

• 2014 CORE™ Instructor Foundation Course



• 2014 ZEN-GA™ Instructor Foundation Course, Mat

• 2014 ZEN-GA™ Instructor Foundation Course, Equipment


With Moira Merrithew at IDEA
With Moira Merrithew at IDEA

Official Studio Greeter, Olivia (Oly)

My three children
My three children











Angelina Kidd

When I was growing up in Hawai'i my mother was always very thin, as were the other women in my family. When I hit my teens and went from a string bean to a cucumber, it was rough. I have fought to be fit for my whole adult life. To make matters worse, I enjoy baking, eating delicious food, and I gain weight extremely easy. I know what it is like to be overweight. I also know what it is like to struggle with the last few pounds. For me, fitness doesn’t come from a pill or a fad diet. I believe to the core of my being that it comes from working out & eating right. It is not something to do for six weeks and then be lax about for the next six months. I must workout more times during the week than not or my 47 yr old body will rapidly gain weight. 


To keep myself strong & healthy, I practice Pilates, row, walk, hike, run and HIIT. Pilates is central to all my workouts. It keeps me injury-free, strong and flexible. Most importantly, it reminds me of the mind-body connection. 


I'm the mother to three adult children, cats & dogs and happily married to my best friend. My little love Olivia (Oly), is the official greeter at Angelina Pilates. Oly is a sweet, small, well behaved Havanese. We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.