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Please be sure to take classes appropriate to your Pilates experience and/or fitness level and not solely based on your schedule. If you are taking medications that will affect exercise or are recovering from an injury, please obtain a written release from your doctor before the first session. For the safety of new clients, private sessions are mandatory for new clients before taking any class with “reformer” in the title.

Private Sessions 

The entire studio is reserved just for you. Express 30-minute or 50-minute private sessions can be Pilates, Yoga and/or Personal Fitness Training.


Semi-Private Classes 

Structured classes limited to a few clients per session.

Class Description

300 Abs, Arms & Glutes

This 30min class targets the abs, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs. Resistance bands, hand weights and bodyweight are used.


300CAL (Cardio, Abs, Arms, Legs)

This 55min session is all about 300. Yup, that means 300 reps of abs, arms and legs and 300 seconds of cardio intervals using the cardio-tramp rebounder on the reformer.


30min Reformer

Perfect for those short on time. This class will provide the foundation to learn the principles of stabilization, basic principles, and body awareness. Intended for clients with minimal or no experience with Pilates.


Athletic Pilates  

Boost your fitness with medicine balls, weights, and other props which will provide more challenge and raise the intensity. You should have a clear understanding of the basic principles of Pilates before taking this class.



Best of both workouts in one class: Barre & Mat Pilates. Sculpt your core and arms. Tone your glutes and legs. Please note that this class may involve hand weights or toning balls to add to the intensity.



If you love Leaps & Bounds, Minibarre and Mat Pilates, this is your class! This 55min full-body class focuses on isometric barre movements for the legs and Pilates exercises for the abdominals before finishing with fun rebounding.


Beauty in Balance 

Balance can diminish with age & this can increase your chance of falling. One way to improve balance is by proprioception (body awareness). This fun and safe 55min class will focus on strengthening the core and hips and working on static and dynamic balance.


Board with Barre

The padded Jumpboard (no jumping involved) mimics the surface of the floor. We use the board for biomechanically sound foot placement for barre work. With the addition of hand weights, this 30min class is a great workout. Plan to tone your arms and legs.


Bosu & Box Pilates 

Sculpt and strengthen your body with the Bosu & Reformer Box. We use the Bosu for balance, cardio and core work and the Reformer Box exercises for a healthy spine, and sculpted legs and a stronger core for better posture.



Prepare to blast some fat and get toned with a fun 55min calorie burning session. The padded Jumpboard mimics the surface of the floor. We use the board for biomechanically sound foot placement for barre work. Next, we torch calories with plyometric and cardio jumping intervals. The class finishes with exercises focusing on the abdominals (core).


15min Online Introductory Session-Complimentary

Plan to use this complimentary 15min session to get the tech squared away. We will confirm that you have enough space to move, what props/equipment you may have and that we can see and hear each other. During this session, we will successfully set ourselves up for future online express privates. Please note this intro meeting is not a workout session. After you are registered for the intro session, you will receive an email with the invitation for a meeting on zoom (web-based video conferencing app). Be sure to have the zoom app on your desktop or mobile device.


Fitness on Reformer 

Challenge yourself in this 55min medium-to-high intensity class on the Reformer and Cardio-Tramp™. This strenuous class will tone your entire body and build endurance and core strength. The class is geared towards fitness rather than rehabilitation.


Leaps & Bounds Reformer

Cardio doesn't have to be boring. In this fun-filled 30min cardio interval class, we use the Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder for an enjoyable cardiovascular workout that offers the added benefits of heightened coordination and improved core and leg strength.


Mat Pilates Mini

This 30min class is the foundation for all Pilates classes and will enhance all other physical activities. You will receive the personal attention needed for proper technique and form. Beginners welcome. Exercises can be adapted for varied fitness levels.



A kick-butt 30min workout for those who want to chisel their legs & gluteus. This class blends free weights and props for shapely arms and a strong core. 


Online Express Private

This online 30min Express Private will be a great opportunity to workout without leaving your home. All you need is a mat and a computer or mobile device for a live private workout session. The express private session will be customized for you using whatever Pilates equipment and/or props you have. Join me on your mat or your equipment in the privacy of your home or office. Please be sure to take the complimentary 15min Introductory session before registering for a private session.   


Pilates & Fascial Movement

This class incorporates movement variables of Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate to improve overall sensory awareness, promote tissue glide, stimulate fluid flow and rehydrate the tissues. Essential

Pilates mat exercises are incorporated throughout the session.


Pre-Recorded Sessions 

With pre-recorded events, you can access a class at your convenience. Take the class as often as you like for seven days after the link is emailed to you. Please note the pre-recorded classes are randomly listed with a time. However, it means nothing as you can take it at any time, on any day, as often as you like for seven days. Within 24 hours from registration date, you will receive an email with the link to access the video. No cancellations once the link is emailed.** Please note, by accepting the registration for online sessions, you are acknowledging that you are choosing to do this in your own space and you are assuming responsibility and liability and absolve Angelina Pilates, LLC of liability when using this service.**


Rebounding Abs

Get a great 30min cardio rebounding and mat Pilates core workout that is both fun and powerful.


Reformer & Barre Combo

A marvelous 55min combo of barre intervals for the legs and glutes with beneficial reformer arms, core, and stretching.


Reformer & Mat Mix

This class includes the foundation of Pilates exercises on the mat. Coordination, endurance and strength are required as the pace on the Reformer is quicker without sacrificing form. Must have Reformer Level 1 experience. 


Reformer Burn

Get ready to burn a lot of calories in 55min. By using Step-Wise Interval Training and the reformer/Cardio-Tramp, this high intensity class will get you closer to your fitness goals.


Reformer Cardio

This medium intensity 55min workout is challenging and fun. We use the Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder for cardio fitness and the reformer for a complete workout. If you want some cardio mixed with reformer exercises, then this is the class for you. 


Reformer Level 1

You will experience a well-rounded 55min workout with emphasis on STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles and essential exercises.


Reformer Level 1 & 2

This 55min class provides additional reformer exercises and/or advancement of existing exercises. Building on the basics, more challenges will be introduced. It is taught at a flowing pace and is for healthy individuals looking to improve their fitness levels. This is a mixed class of Level 1 and 2. Perfect if you are ready to move on from Level 1 but not quite ready for a full Level 2 class. You should have a sound understanding of the basic principles and fundamental exercises and be in good health with no special considerations to take this class.


Reformer Level 2 

This class builds on the exercises from the Level 1 & 2 class. The exercises become more complex and challenging, and the pace of the class is quicker without sacrificing form. Coordination, endurance, and strength are required. High expectation of your ability to know Level 1 & 2 exercises. You must be in good fitness health to take this 55min class. Must have instructor approval. 


Restorative Reformer  

This class focuses more on restorative qualities of Pilates rather than fitness. Class is perfect if you are a beginner, need more attention, would like to refine your technique, or new to Pilates.


Stability Chair Pilates

This 55min class with the Stability Chair will challenge your strength and control. You will move in every plane of motion from seated to standing. This class is ideal for full-body training and balance work.


Super Fit

Super Set, Super Fit, Super Fun in this 55min class that focuses on fitness. No Pilates experience is needed, but a base level of fitness is a must. Plan to torch calories and gain muscular strength with free weights to sculpt the upper body, Cardio-Tramp for cardio and core and squats for firm glutes.


Pilates & Vertical Frame

This is a complete, unparalleled 55min workout that challenges the body in simple to complex multi-planar movements using spring resistance with the V2Max Reformer vertical frame.


ZEN•GA™ For a Little 

This beginner 30min ZEN•GA™ class incorporates Yoga stretches & Mat Pilates exercises. Class is appropriate for all levels of fitness. This dynamic flowing class on the Reformer will allow you to move through the yoga poses, providing a gentle deep stretch on the smooth-gliding carriage. You will leave the sessions with physical self-awareness, feeling refreshed and energized.


ZEN•GA™ Reformer 

Exclusive to Merrithew Health & Fitness. ZEN•GA is a combination of mind body modalities such as Pilates and Yoga. By providing a 55min workout that combines strength, endurance, and stability with the Vinyasa Triangle & Reformer, “the coiling and uncoiling quality of the springs creates a more fluid, resilient body.”

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Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder