Angelina Pilates was listed in the top five Best Pilates Studio by Seattle A-List in 2017 and awarded 2nd Place in 2016.  The studio has ranked in the top 10 Best Pilates Studio category in Western Washington by King 5 Evening Magazine in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


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Thank you for being such an awesome resource for me and my patients. 

Geoff Lecovin, MS3 DC, ND, L.Ac

Chiropractor/Naturopathic Physician/Acupuncturist 



Angelina is an absolutely phenomenal Pilates instructor!  I arrived at her studio, via a doctor's high recommendation, with physical injuries, and yet, a need to gain muscular strength and flexibility.  Shaking because I was terrified of exacerbating my pain, Angelina welcomed me with a passionate belief in the benefits of Pilates, an amazing body of knowledge, and a confidence and willingness she could help me.  She created a workable, customized Stott Pilates program for me.  And when there was a week my physical limitations were more of a challenge, Angelina was more than willing to be accommodating and made modifications to the program. Now 1 1/2 years later,  I am in reduced pain and have more muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and self-confidence.  I am amazed at what my body has achieved!


I will be forever grateful for Angelina's patience, support, professionalism, and genuine desire to help her clients no matter what there level of physical fitness or abilities. A highlight of my week is going to her friendly studio where Oly is there to greet me with affection, and Angelina has her inviting smile. Angelina Pilates Studio is a gem!! -Judi



I absolutely love taking Pilates classes with Angelina. At first I was a bit skeptical about Pilates and was stuck in my weight-lifting/personal trainer/cardio routine. After a few classes I quickly started realizing the benefit. Having a desk job I often am bothered by back pain issues despite proper ergonomics. After a month of classes, just once a week, I started feeling a difference. Now four months later I rarely experience any back or neck pain. The focus on core muscles I didn't know even exist really helped me a lot, something I know I was missing from my normal exercise. 


I love how fun the classes are. I am always amazed how fast the time goes. So different than an hour on a boring treadmill. More fun than a personal training too in my opinion. The class sizes are a great size, generally around 5, which makes it more engaging and you still get enough personal help.


Angelina is also an awesome trainer. She made it very easy to jump in and get results quickly. I was working hard and enjoying it from the first class. Her studio is beautiful too and has a great vibe, very positive atmosphere. I think pilates will for sure be a continuing part of my workout routine! *-David



If you want to go to someone who is responsible and trustworthy to help you achieve optimum wellbeing and stronger physical health…work with Angelina. -Tyger



These classes are seriously the best. I have a bad knee and weak rotator cuff which often results in injury in fitness classes; in all of the months I've been taking classes from Angelina I've never experienced pain and have actually seen great improvement in those areas. Her emphasis on form is exactly what I need. Her classes are always interesting, different, and challenging. Your core will never be the same. The studio is clean and very inviting. She rotates her classes every season, which means you get great variety in your workouts. The classes go by so fast because they're always fun. I noticed much more strength in my ability to do headstands and arm balances in yoga after only a month with her. *-Ellie



Aloha! Reformer pilates made me unafraid to have my thighs tide up and hang on a "line". Mahalo!

-Christine (on vacation/zipline in Hawai'i)



First I appreciated the quick response on my search through Thumbtack and Angelina - finding the right fit for me. Angelina is super smart, knowledgeable and has custom design a program addressing my individual needs. She offers many different programs and her space is inviting, clean, professional with many personal touches I appreciate. I am rehabbing from multiple surgeries and have to believe I am her least active, physically unfit, and lest capable member but leave everyday feeling a great sense of accomplishment - feeling strong everyday. This has been a better fit than Physical Therapy and I get a totally core work out. I would highly recommend anyone at any level. -Paige



I love coming to Angelina Pilates, I know that she will always work me hard. I have taken a few different classes from Angelina and it doesn't matter whether it's 2 people or 7 people, she always gives the same attention to every client and if your form is not good she definitely notices and makes sure that you correct it, so you can get the maximum results from work out. She always tries to challenge people in class and changes her routine. I would definitely recommend her classes to any one, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advance, Angelina will find the right routine for you. -Lika



The biggest testament I could possibly give to Angelina is that I AM STILL HERE!!  The day I met Angelina, I told her that I loathe exercise.  This is not an understatement.  I can’t begin to tell you how many gyms I’ve joined and not attended.  This is so DIFFERENT. The studio is immaculate.  Classes run on time.  I am making progress and I am not afraid that I am going to get hurt — because Angelina is gently correcting my actions.  I am stretching and toning and I feel so much better.  I HIGHLY recommend trying this out. -Loretta



Angelina has done a great job working with me to modify my exercises for my existing health issues and is careful to remind me of them. Everything she teaches is in line with my physical therapist teaches as well. I feel blessed to have found her studio and recommend Angelina's instruction to anyone at any level of fitness. –Susan



Today's class was exhilarating! Especially that last stretch! I am so glad I found your studio. I feel so much stronger already! Thank you! -Jan



My daughter-in-law, Susan, had urged me to try an intro class with Angelina and after finally giving in to her persuasions, I'm happy to admit, there is no turning back for me. Angelina is very attentive to each individual's abilities and weaknesses and accurately anticipates their needs.  The studio is immaculate, comfortable, and inviting, and the equipment high quality and well maintained.  I would highly recommend Angelina Pilates whether you are a beginner or have experience. -Lorraine



As a "retired" volley ball player I was looking for the right way to get back to fitness without hurting myself. Angelina's pilates & Barre courses were just the perfect match for me. No sweat, no pain with Angelina: just great playlists & Angelina's attentive guidance to get the movement right & the posture perfect, caring just about the body, rebuilding its capacity without hurting joints or muscles. After a few months, I feel just great: stronger, more balanced, and an amazing sense of accomplishment. Thank you Angelina! –Valerie



Angelina is very dedicated and professional teacher, I have amazing results and I feel great. Thank you Angelina. –Elizabeth



I had never taken Pilates before and Angelina was so accommodating, taking her time to teach me the proper way to do each move. Angelina is the one who teaches the classes, and you know you're getting the best when the owner is your teacher. She doesn't let you cheat and ensures you're getting the workout you're paying for, all while still making the class enjoyable. Angelina Pilates is the first and last Pilates studio I'll go to. -Nicole



Thank you for everything - since I stopped playing soccer over two years ago and started coaching I hadn't found anything fitness wise that really inspires me in the way that pilates has and that is massively thanks to yourself! -Clare



I have never had any experience with Pilates and wondered if it was an option for me (being very overweight and 59 years old). With the patient and constant encouragement of Angelina, I have slowly progressed and have never felt as strong in posture And flexibility. Without dieting, my weight has dropped 20 pounds so far and I feel fantastic! Thank you Angelina!! -Mickie



Angelina Pilate's wonderful! I have never had so much fun and worked out so hard all at the same time. -Kareena



I have been suffering from lower back pain due to a bulging disk and sciatica for a few years.  After going through months of physical therapy and acupuncture I tried getting back into a workout routine with a highly recommended personal trainer.  During my fourth class my sciatica kicked back in and I had to return to chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture to ease the pain and reduce pressure on nerve endings.  I have read a few blogs and reviews recommending Pilates workouts for people with bulging disks and decided to give them a try.  Angelina is amazing when it comes to motivation, encouragement and giving you a serious workout while monitoring proper posture, breathing and adjusting exercises to accommodate your body’s limitations. With Pilates I feel my core getting stronger, my body is more balanced, my muscles are better defined and my back does not hurt.   I highly recommend Angelina Pilates studio to anyone looking to strengthen and improve his/her body. -Natalya